Resource Review #1: Some of the Best YouTube Channels for Mathematics Educators

In my second year of Uni, 2011, I decided that I would spend a decent amount of time finding the best of educational YouTube channels. I watched a lot of YouTube. A lot. Most of it was drivel, but here’s my up-to-date list of stuff you should probably tune into by topic.


  • Singingbanana: Dr James Grime goes through some interesting piece of mathematics, sometimes responding to some new event or anniversary in the mathematical calendar. He’s crazy enthusiastic and often has little mathematics challenges which are fantastic. Top three best picks:
  • Mathantics: Good general-purpose maths tutorials aimed at middle-schoolers etc
  • Khan Academy: Same as above, but for a wider age range. Some kids don’t like the American accent, but when I’ve used it in class, they all say it’s pretty handy being able to rewind the video and watch them at their own pace. I sometimes find that I’m not a fan of how he explains things so, like everything in teaching, it’s always worth watching it ahead of time. Sometimes I’ll pick just a couple of his videos, sometimes I’ll supplement it with my own using Camtasia and my Surface Pro 4 and sometimes I’ll use a whole module of his, usually through his site so that the kids can gain points and level up (which they like).